In this post and podcast segment in our Blogging for Business Series, we discuss six key reasons to consider becoming a blogger.

There are many good reasons to create and maintain a blog… these are our top six:

  1. Relatively easy and cost-effective web solution
  • Don’t need to be a “techie” to create a blog
  • Real time, fresh, relevant content
  • Easy to maintain and post
  • There are many free blog platforms
  • Your time and commitment is the main resource needed
  1. Create higher Search Engine Rankings
  • Blog posts are coming up more and more frequently in search engines
  • Again…fresh, relevant, keyword specific content is the key!
  • Your blog can be an extension of your website – have a link to your primary real estate website on your blog
  • Many websites have a built-in blog feature
  • Don’t (over) sell your listings or yourself on your blog – use your website for the promotion and selling
  1. Build a community
  • Your blog is an opportunity to communicate with both current and potential future clients and customers
  • Create a buzz with compelling content that keeps readers coming back for more – maintain loyal customers by providing the information they want
  1. Position yourself as a niche market/industry/local market expert
  • Write about your area of expertise in the business
  • Use your blog to provide specific content and info to groups like:
    Your SOI/Past Clients
    Geographical Farming Areas
    Other Niche Markets  (FSBO/Expireds/High Rise/Condos/Land, etc.)
  1.  Enhance your marketing and branding
  • Your blog can further promote your local brand and add to your overall marketing presence
  • Just remember – the blog forum is more about community, networking, communication, sharing information – not just selling.
  1.  Generate Leads
  • Ultimately when you provide valuable, informative and compelling content on your blog and develop a relationship-based approach to sales and demonstrate to the reader/visitor your human side, your unique voice, your transparent-self…  I, for one, believe it can turn into business!

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