[WBNL 52–8] Envisioning Your Perfect Client

This week’s WBNL 52 coaching tip and actionable task is part of Module 3: Attracting Perfect Clients of the “Connecting Your Real Estate Business” online course (WC Membership).  This exercise incorporates what you learned in Module 2 on “Your Business Purpose and Building Your Brand” (WC Members) and blends the powerful Law of Attraction to guide you through an exercise to Envision and Attract Perfect Clients for you.

 Download the “Envisioning Your Perfect Client” worksheet and let’s get to work!

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Your Perfect Client is…

  • One whose needs are a perfect fit for your business or service
  • Someone who you really enjoy working with
  • Someone you have an instant rapport and a connection with
  • Shares your values
  • Appreciates your efforts, happily compensates you for those efforts/services
  • Sends you referrals on a regular basis

Power of Alignment & Connection
You will experience the law of attraction in action, when the client’s need and your service offering are in alignment and you take the appropriate, positive steps to attract them.

Envisioning Your Perfect Client


The qualities, characteristics and attributes of your perfect client.

  • Describe what “perfect for me” looks like,
  • Think of people you have the best relationships with now and list those qualities.
  • Have you had perfect clients already? What made them perfect for you?
  • Like attracts like, so what do you like? What motivates you? Be specific.


What makes you and your perfect clients tick?

  • In Step 1, you listed all the traits and qualities of your perfect clients
  • Step 2 is one statement that encapsulates motivation and purpose
  • Answer these questions from your clients point of view
  • If you aren’t sure, then use your answers (like attracts like)
    • What do you want to achieve before you leave this world?
    • What and who is most important to you? Why?
    • What do you really love about your life?
    • What gets you out of bed in the morning that is so important to you and your business that you can’t wait to do it again every day?
  • Take your answers and form a single statement

Example: What makes me tick is working with people who are like-minded to help them discover and live their purpose and passion.


What do I want my perfect clients to expect me to deliver or provide?

  • List all services, products, skills you provide.
  • Be clear about what you want to provide.
  • Be specific (i.e. We return phone calls within 24 hours..)

My perfect customer wants me to have an office that is perfect for me. To have a website that looks and feels good to me. My perfect customer wants me to communicate openly and clearly. My perfect customer wants me to know what’s perfect for me.


What do I need to improve to attract or maintain my relationships with perfect clients?

  • Review Step 3 – circle any item(s) that needs improvement.
  • Rewrite here with a date to accomplish/begin the improvement
  • List any action steps required to implement the change


Make a list of your top goals and attraction actions to move forward toward your desired outcomes.


  • Attend 3 networking events this month
  • Make one new connection daily and send a hand-written personal note
  • Finish the content pages for our new website by ______.

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February 22, 2016