[WBNL 52-7-17] How to Leverage your Real Estate Software as a Virtual Assistant

Are you effectively using a real estate management software system that is more than a CRM (customer relationship management) or drip email tool?

If you want to run your business as a true business while leveraging technology and tools to save time and to run more efficiently; then consider really embracing a complete system like Top Producer.

Top Producer is a comprehensive cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and real estate transaction management system.  And when you fully embrace all of the features and tools available, it will become your virtual assistant.

The key to success is to use it daily and power through the initial learning curve. Carve out the necessary time to learn the system and customize it to work best for you. This includes revising or creating all the necessary action and follow-up plans (the emails, tasks and action items) to stay connected and in communication with both prospects and clients.

These are the key Action Plans for any real estate agent:

  • Buyer Leads
  • Seller Leads
  • Active Buyer
  • Active Seller
  • Buyer or Seller in Escrow (Escrow to Closing activities)
  • Buyer – Past Client or Post-Closing
  • Seller – Past Client or Post-Closing
  • Sphere of Influence

Your initial goals are to setup or revise the key action plans and get all of your contacts imported, sorted and on a follow-up program.

Next, get in the habit of using your program every day – all day. The mobile app version of your software program will let you update contacts, add notes, and keep you on track throughout the day. You must, at a bare minimum, start and end your day with your software program. Make those updates – check off tasks completed – make those calls and record your notes. Just do this in the moment and don’t put it off until later. For most of us, later never happens. However, you do end up with a long list of intended actions that never get completed.

When you are truly using al the functionality and power of a solution like Top Producer, it really is like having a virtual assistant reminding and prompting you with your next action steps.

Leverage these Top Producer Features to be more efficient and effective in your daily operations:


  1. Follow-up Coach (daily reminders of who to contact in your database) with a cool wrap-up feature to record your notes and schedule the next action
  2. My Business area shows Today’s activities (calls, tasks, emails, appointments, important date reminders)
  3. See and sort your Sales Pipeline with a click (New, Active, Engaged, Future, Closed)
  4. Active Listings
  5. Current Pending and Closings are all displayed on the Dashboard for easy access
  6. Quick access to all of your Contacts

Comprehensive Contact Management

  • The contact management area in Top Producer lets you collect all the important data, track action plan activities, and history with your contacts
  • Enter important dates like home anniversaries and birthdays and set reminders

Action Plans

  • Choose from a huge list of action plans or create your own for every type of contact (leads, sellers, buyers, past clients, sphere of influence and more)
  • Template library with selection of pre-written content (emails, letters)
  • Listing and Closing Plans ready to customize for your area and business style

Listing & Closing Management and Reports

  • MLS Connectivity for easy importing of your listings
  • Send Service Reports t your clients
  • Ability to track your production throughout the year and for business planning

Lead Generation and Lead Routing

  • Market Snapshot is an excellent tool to use for seller lead generation and for prospects and past clients. Send automated and updated neighborhood market updates to contacts in a few easy steps.
  • Route your leads from all the major lead gen platforms directly into Top Producer


When researching and selecting a real estate software system to use for your business, look for these features:

  • Robust contact management (to collect all the important information)
  • Manage your sales pipeline
  • Manage your follow-up (calls, emails, tasks, appointments)
  • Text and email notifications of leads
  • Ability to quickly and easily respond to contacts and leads
  • Built-in and customizable action plans and drip email campaigns
  • Automated and personalized monthly newsletter
  • Email templates that you can personalize and brand
  • Integration/syncing with Google/Outlook calendars and email
  • Lead routing from various lead sources (Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.)
  • Manage your listings and closings
  • Connection to your MLS
  • Ability to build and send CMA reports
  • Mobile app
  • Integrated Website
  • Lead generation landing pages
  • Automatic market data reports
  • Marketing templates and presentations (postcards, flyers, letters)


WBNL Recommended Real Estate Business Software Solution

Top ProducerTopProducer.com (starting at $ 39.95/mth for the CRM)


Multiple related products integrate with the CRM program (Market Snapshot, Websites, IDX, Connector for MLS, Five Street)

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To learn more about Top Producer 8i Suite of Tools, contact:

Colin Burton | Top Producer
Direct:  888-547-5331
Mobile:  778-960-5331



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February 12, 2017