[WBNL 52-18] 50 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

WBNL 52 Lead Generation

The three primary types of lead generation are referral, direct connection (pro-active) and inbound (reactive).  Most agents cite their primary source of business as referral – from past clients, sphere of influence and repeat business.  Pro-active prospecting includes those activities that get you face-to-face or on the phone with a prospective client. Inbound leads are the result of a prospect taking some action from your marketing efforts – making a call, filling out an online form, sending an email or text, connecting on social media. 

In this week’s WBNL 52 coach tip, we provide you with a list of 50 ideas that are a mix of the three types of lead generation. By no means, do we recommend that you do all of these!  In fact, just the opposite.  The list is meant to inspire you to take action in adding a few other tactics to your business plan.

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  1. Handout 5 business cards a day/ 5 days a week
  2. Start a blog – post valuable, compelling content 2-3 times per week
  3. Become a content provider – write articles, blogs for local newspapers, real estate sites
  4. Neighborhood garage sales and other events in your farm area
  5. Host a seminar – try first-time home buyer seminars to information-sharing for investors, retirees or any other demographic you want to work with. You can partner up with a lender, lawyer or other professionals.
  6. Conduct Webinars (First time home buyer – Real estate investor seminars)
  7. Build Landing Pages with a great call-to-action and provide something of value (Home search, free reports, relo guide, downloads)
  8. Advertise other agent’s listings (get permission first, in an email or in writing)
  9. House warming parties for your buyers
  10. Handwritten notes to you database
  11. Leverage the power of LinkedIn to build your network
  12. Personalized Yard & Open House Signs
  13. Wear your name badge
  14. Magnetic car signs or wrap
  15. Join the Chamber of Commerce
  16. Join networking / social clubs (Meetup.com)
  17. Client parties for your best referral sources
  18. “Popping by” your A clients (face-to-face is the most effective way to get a referral)
  19. Set up a “reciprocal referral database” (a list of home-related service providers who you refer and they also refer you)
  20. Referrals from other agents
  21. Volunteer
  22. Neighborhood “sneak peeks” for new listings (“private event” for the neighbors to preview the home before public open house)
  23. Always Be Connecting (ABC)…. Talk to everyone – grocery store, standing in lines anywhere, filling up your gas tank
  24. Prospect HR directors, look for companies relocating
  25. Accountants and CPA Firms
  26. Attorneys: Not just probate but divorce, family law and real estate attorneys.
  27. Apparel with Logos: Hats, T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Hand Bags
  28. Classified Ads: For Sale:  Look for Key Words – transferred, motivated, divorce, owner financing; Want to Buy
  29. Courts/Legal News: Eviction Filings, Probate Court, Divorce Cases, Tax Liens, Code Violations
  30. Credit Repair Agencies & Counselors: Many times the only way someone can get their spending under control is to sell a house they can no longer afford.
  31. Direct Mail: Pre-Foreclosure Letters, Probate Letters, Out of Town Owners, Post Cards, Bankruptcies, Divorce, Delinquent Taxes, Military Owners
  32. Door Hangers: You can also use pre-printed post-it notes to leave messages at target properties. Be sure to advertise on both sides, you can even sell the back side and recover your advertising cost!
  33. Door Knocking: Distribute flyers and go door-to-door asking residents if they know of anyone planning to move because you’d like to buy a house in their neighborhood!
  34. Drive or walk Neighborhoods: Get to know them well and take notice of changes.
  35. Get a booth at home shows
  36. Garage, Yard, Moving Sales
  37. Hair Salons: Lots of talking going on during haircuts and color!
  38. Insurance Brokers: Policy changes from owner occupant to landlord or vacant house coverage
  39. Lists: You can buy lists for anything you want to market to: pre-foreclosures, neighborhoods, properties with no mortgage, etc.
  40. Market Bulletin Boards: Grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants
  41. Military Transfers: Military bases provide an excellent transient market for those needing to sell and buy off base housing
  42. Public Speaking: Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, Realtor meetings and other associations
  43. Periscope, Meerkat or Blab.im (Live stream using your smart phone, tablet or computer)
  44. Retirees: A growing population with free and clear homes. Excellent prospects for seller financing.
  45. TV and Radio: Cable companies may have community service spots for free.
  46. Target market out of state owners
  47. Advertise or get a booth at Bridal exposition
  48. Target Renters: Non-owner occupant properties
  49. Surname farm: Get a list of all property owners who share your last name
  50. Leverage the power of Video! Create a YouTube channel and create videos with evergreen content (tips on buying/selling, market trends, community info)



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May 2, 2016