[WBNL 52-12-17] Are You Doing These Lead Follow-up Basics?

In this week’s WBNL 52 tip we are going back to the basics and revisiting solid lead follow-up practices, scripts and strategies.

Do you have these basic lead follow-up strategies in place for your business?

Respond to all leads immediately

(within 15 minutes when at all possible!)


You must have a CRM in place 

With an effective drip email campaign and action plan for:

  • Buyer Leads
  • Seller Leads

Qualify and categorize your leads

A Leads
This individual is ready to buy/sell/both.

  • A Leads want help viewing properties, discussing a listing strategy and preparing for transacting.
  • They need support to take the next step in the purchase/sale process in the next three months.
  • Timeline to transact is immediate up to 90 days.

B Leads
This person sees homeownership as their eventual goal in the next year, but may have a rental lease, relocation plan, or lack of knowledge about the process to transact in the immediate three months.   Timeline is 3-6 months.

C Leads
C Leads have expressed interest in buying or selling, but may lack definitive plans, are uncertain about buying vs. renting, or are unable to secure financing in the next six months.   Timeline to transact is 6-12+ months.

Suggested Strategies for each Category

A Lead

You should be speaking to them at least once a week, emailing them properties to view as necessary and scheduling appointments to tour or list homes.

As a rule of thumb, contact your A Leads through any means whenever necessary (phone, text, email, social media).

B Lead

You should be nurturing these leads with regular, automated messages or a drip campaign.

Drip campaigns can include helpful insider knowledge for buyers and sellers about your market.

Send new local listings to prospective buyers as often as they like.

Prioritize a personal call at least once a month to build rapport, identify urgency to buy/sell and determine next steps to working together.

C Lead

C Leads are primarily on drip campaigns.

Share any information that might negatively impact their ability to secure a loan, like changing jobs or purchasing a new car.

Give them options for lenders in the area.

Reach out at least once per quarter to check in on their home search.

Prioritize a personal call at least once per quarter to build rapport, identify urgency to buy/sell and determine if they should move to the A/B category.

Practice Time-Blocking

Schedule time every day to followup with leads in your database.
Leverage your CRM to help you with keeping your leads organized and prioritized.

We have a couple bonus downloads for you this week to support your lead follow-up:

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  • Weekly Prospecting Commitment & Tracking Form
  • Prospecting/Lead Follow-up Scripts
  • Daily Contact Sheet


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March 20, 2017