[Member Webinar] Top Producer 8i Part 2

Top Producer Tutorial

Listing Plans

  • Listing plan must be connected to a client and property address
  • Adding a Listing from the Contact or the dropdown menu for Listings & Closings

Closing Plans

  • Use this plan once a transaction is in Escrow
  • You can create one for Buyer-represented sales
  • Then copy that plan and modify for Seller-represented escrows

Copy an existing plan and rename it (use a symbol like ! so the plan will move to the top of the list)

Modify/revise/add tasks, emails, activities

Assign an activity to team members (if applicable)

Service Report Plans

  • Use these plans to customize follow-up and reports to your sellers and buyers

Marketing Tab

  • Check out the templates
  • Revise or modify the emails and letters as needed
  • Create a new letter or email template

Best Practices

  • Begin and end your day with a Top Producer dashboard review
    • Morning: Check activities for the day (My Business review) / Follow-up Coach prompts
    • Complete scheduled tasks and activities
  • Make notes in the contacts you connect with for the day
  • Leverage Action Plans
  • Review Listings & Closing tasks and status
  • End your day with a review
    • Clear your dashboard of outstanding tasks
    • Make any notes in contacts
    • Review what’s scheduled for next day

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March 25, 2016