[WBNL 52-5-17] Review of The Miracle Morning and Embracing Your Morning Ritual

On a recent business trip, I read the books “Miracle Morning” and The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents” on one of my flights. The overarching theme in the book focuses on the premise that how you wake up in the morning and your morning routine (or lack thereof) dramatically affects your levels of success in all areas of your life.  By simply changing the way you wake up in the morning, you can transform your life, faster than you thought possible.

Author Hal Elrod shares his personal and compelling story of hitting rock bottom twice: first when he was pronounced dead at the scene after a tragic car accident before making an amazing recovery and then after going bankrupt post global financial crisis. He was depressed and desperate. One morning Hal went for a run and listening to a personal development audio from Jim Rohn state “Your level of success, will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become”.  Hal says in the book, “This one philosophy was going to change my entire life.”

What has followed since is a worldwide movement, community and a series of best-selling books – Learn more here The Miracle Morning.

The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents http://tmmagentsfree.com/ (Download 2 chapters for free)

Get free downloadable resources from Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents (affirmations, journal template)

My key takeaways from this book:


Approximately 95% of our society settles for far less than they want in life. Wishing they had more, living with regret and never understanding that they could be, do, and have all that they want. So the crucial question—the one that we must explore and find the answer to—is this: what can and will you do now now to ensure you don’t end up struggling, like the 95% majority will?

5 Step Daily Wake Up Strategy

Step #1: Set Your Intentions Before Bed
The first key to waking up is to remember this: Your first thought in the morning is usually the last thought you had before you went to bed. “So, the key is to consciously decide every night to actively and mindfully create a positive expectation for the next morning.”

Step #2: Move Your Alarm Clock Across The Room
If you haven’t already, move your alarm clock across the room. This forces you to get out of bed and engage your body in movement. Motion creates energy, so when you get up and out of bed it naturally helps you wake up.

Step #3: Brush Your Teeth
As soon as you’ve jumped out of bed, head to the bathroom to clean your teeth. This simple act will help raise your motivational levels. Plus you’ll have fresh breath.

Step #4: Drink a Full Glass of Water
It’s crucial that you hydrate yourself first thing every morning. After 6-8 hours without water, you’ll naturally be mildly dehydrated, and dehydration causes fatigue. Often when people feel tired—at any time of the day—what they really need is more water, not more sleep.

Step #5: Get Dressed or Jump In the Shower
Personally, I like to just change into my workout or yoga clothes, and take a shower afterwards.  Howeverm a lot of people prefer the morning shower because it helps wake you up and gives you a “fresh” start to the day. It’s really whichever you prefer.



The Miracle Morning is a 6-step routine or habit stack, which consists of 6 habits: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (writing/journaling).

S is for Silence
Silence is the first practice of the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. and may be one of the most significant areas for improvement for our noisy, fast-paced and over-stimulated lifestyles.  Here are some great silence inducing activities to choose from: meditation, prayer, reflection, deep breathing, gratitude. Silence is one of the best ways to immediately reduce stress, while increasing your self-awareness and gaining the clarity that will allow you to maintain your focus on your goals, priorities, and what’s most important for your life, each and every day.

A is for Affirmations
Affirmations allow you to design and then develop the mindset (thoughts, beliefs, focus) that you need to take any area of your life to the next level. To create your affirmations,consider:

  • What you really want.
  • Why you want it.
  • Whom you are committed to being to create it.
  • What you are committed to doing to attain it.

V is for Visualization
Visualization, also known as creative visualization or mental rehearsal, refers to the practice of seeking to generate positive results in your outer world by using your imagination to create mental pictures of specific behaviors and outcomes occurring in your life. Frequently used by athletes to enhance their performance, visualization is the process of imagining exactly what you want to achieve or attain, and then mentally rehearsing what you’ll need to do achieve or attain it.

E is for Exercise
Morning exercise should be a staple in your daily rituals. When you exercise for even a few minutes every morning it significantly boosts your energy, enhances your health, improves self-confidence and emotional well-being, and enables you to think better and concentrate longer.

R is for Reading
Reading, the fifth practice in the Life S.A.V.E.R.S., is the fast track to transforming any area of your life. It is one of the most immediate methods for acquiring the knowledge, ideas, and strategies you need to achieve Level 10 success in any area of your life.  The fastest way to achieve everything you want is to model successful people who have already achieved it.  Aim for 10 pages a day and this works out to over 18 (200 page) personal development books.

S is for Scribing
Scribing is really just another word for writing or journaling. Try journaling for 5-10 minutes in the morning.  By getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them in writing, you gain valuable insights you’d otherwise never see. The Scribing element of your Miracle Morning enables you to document your insights, ideas, breakthroughs, realizations, successes, and lessons learned, as well as any areas of opportunity, personal growth, or improvement.



The 6 Minute Miracle Morning

For those of you who feel you don’t have time for your Miracle Morning or “Daily Ritual”… try the 6 minute version!

Minute One… (Silence)
Spend the first minute sitting in purposeful Silence. You sit, very calm, very peaceful, and you breathe deeply, slowly. Maybe you say a prayer of gratitude to appreciate the moment, or pray for guidance on your journey. Maybe, you decide to try your first minute of meditation. As you sit in silence, you’re totally present in the now, in the moment.

Minute Two… (Affirmations)
Next, take out your daily Affirmations—the ones that remind you of your unlimited potential and your most important priorities—and you read them out loud from top to bottom. As you focus on what’s most important to you, your level of internal motivation increases. Looking over what you’re committed to, what your purpose is, and what your goals are re-energizes you to take the actions necessary to live the life you truly want, deserve, and now know is possible for you.

Minute Three… (Visualization)
You close your eyes, or you look at your vision board, and you visualize. Your Visualization could include your goals, what it will look and feel like when you reach them. You visualize the day going perfectly, see yourself enjoying your work, smiling and laughing with your family, or your significant other, and easily accomplishing all that you intend to accomplish for that day. You see what it will look like, you feel what it will feel like, and you experience the joy of what you will create…

Minute Four… (Scribing)
You take one minute to write down what you’re grateful for, set your intentions for the day and the results you’re committed to creating for this day. Doing so, you put yourself in an empowered, an inspired, and confident state of mind.

Minute Five… (Reading)
Then, you grab your book of choice and invest one minute reading a page or two. You learn a new idea, something that you can implement into your day. You discover something new that you can use to feel better—to be better. Try this – just pick up a book and randomly open it to a page and read that for the day.

Minute Six… (Exercise)
Finally, you stand up and you spend the last minute, doing jumping jacks, pushups or some exercise for 60 seconds and get your heart rate up.  Now fully energized and focused, you are ready to get on with your day.


I personally have been practicing my own morning ritual for quite a while now and couldn’t agree more with the concepts and practices outlined in these books.  In fact, in our final WBNL-52 tip of 2016 we shared our “Roadmap to Success” guide.  One of the pages in this guide book is the Daily Roadmap which incorporates several of the best practices we coach and literally use ourselves at WBNL Coaching. Use this template to stay on track and focused at a high level each day.

Go to the WBNL 52-52 (2016) Tip for all the details on how to use this guide. http://wbnlcoaching.com/project/wbnl-52-52-2017-roadmap-to-success/

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