[June 2016] Monthly Marketing: 93 Ways to Celebrate the 93 Days of Summer

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As the northern hemisphere is gearing up to kick off the Summer Season, we’ve provided you with a fun marketing piece that you can send to your SOI, past clients, and entire database.  Did you know that June 22nd is Onion Ring Day and August 28th is Bow Tie Day?  Let’s not forget International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept 19th.  These lesser known and somewhat quirky holidays are a nice touch base with your clients.  No sales job here – just staying connected and sending them something light and fun for Summer.  Below you can download the pdf, view the piece, and find the quick email that we’ve created that you can use as is or edit as you’d like.

QUICK MARKETING TIPDon’t forget to take these to your open houses for your clients to pick up as they tour the house,  It would also be great to give to the kids while you are on a showing tour.  It will certainly be a conversation starter!

Click the button below to download the pdf.

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Here a brief email template that you can use as the intro to the piece. You can use it as is or edit it as you please.  Simply copy and paste the text into your email.

Hello (Client)-

No matter where your Summer plans take you, don’t forget to celebrate these lesser known and somewhat quirky daily holidays.
I’ve put together (and attached) a list of the 93 ways to celebrate the 93 days of Summer compiled by the research team at timeanddate.com. You can go to their website to get more details on the dates and suggestions on how to celebrate!
Have an awesome Summer!
As always, I’m just a phone call, email, or text away if you have any real estate questions.