How to Get More Testimonials, Ratings and Recommendations

How to Get More Testimonials, Ratings and Recommendations


You can download the slide deck(PDF) here and follow along with the webinar here: Webinar_GetMoreReviews

If you haven’t already done so, Download the Testimonial Marketing Kit:

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Resources and links from the webinar:

Q & A

Q: Does your client have to have a Zillow account to write the review for you?

A: Yes. You must request the review from your Profile when you login to your Zillow Account.  If your client does nor already have an account with Zillow, they will be directed to create one first then submit the review.

Zillow Profile- WBNL Coaching


Q: How do you ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn?

A:  Just scroll down to the recommendation area on your profile and select “Ask to be recommended” or “Manage.”  Follow the prompts and dropdowns to send a request for recommendation.  Make sure to personalize the message area and not send the standard request from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Recommendation



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February 17, 2016