How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile



You can download the slide deck(PDF) here and follow along with the webinar: SlideDeck_AllStar LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the definitive professional networking and business development platform. It is the place to showcase you, your brand, and your business to peers, influencers, and prospective clients.

LinkedIn is like a powerful search engine and searchable database of information, people, companies, and groups. It is imperative to optimize your profile for searching by included your targeted keywords throughout your profile. Don’t “overstuff” your profile with keywords, but rather integrate them into the copy in a natural and readable way.

#1: Professional Photo

Upload a professional headshot of just you that is consistent with your brand image and the message you want to share with connections.

#2: Keywords in Headline

Use your targeted keywords that you want to be found for in search results here. You have up to 200 characters so use them!

#3: Branded Background Image

Maintain your consistent brand by uploading an image that matches your other online sites and social media platforms. You can design your branded background in a program like The optimal image size is 1400 x 425 pixels.

LinkedInBackground 2

#4: Custom URL

To customize the URL for your public profile, simply click on the settings icon next to the existing URL. Recommend making this be your name as your LinkedIn profile will most likely show up in search results when someone Google’s you.

From this page, you can also create a LinkedIn Profile badge to add to your blog or website.


#5: Contact Info – Text Links

Add all of your contact information.  To create text links to your website and/or blog, select “other” from the dropdown and enter your keywords or name of for your site.


#6 Client-Focused & Keyword Optimized Summary

The Summary section is one of the most valuable areas of your profile. You get 2000 characters so use them to connect with potential clients and other business professionals. We recommend writing this summary in first person and remember to integrate your target and niche keywords.

Start by establishing your credibility with one to two short paragraphs about you, your story, your background, and what makes you unique. Next identify your perfect client(s), what do they need, and how you provide a solution for them. Close with a solid call to action and include how people can contact or connect with you.

  • What makes you unique (credibility, authority, value)
  • Whom you serve(your target audience)
  • What you provide(product or service)
  • Include a call to action and your contact information


#7: Add Media to Summary, Education and Experience Sections

To add multimedia content to your profile Summary just click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the Summary section. You can add links, videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and photos. Make your Summary pop by adding visual content like an introductory Video about you and the services you provide. Tip: If it is a video, in the title area, add instructions on clicking on the image to view the video. Consider adding your Marketing Brochure or other promotional PDF or a slide deck presentation of your services.



You can edit the media files in a section by clicking on the edit icon of the already uploaded media. From here, you can move the media to a different Experience or Education area as applicable or remove it if desired.


In the Experience and Education sections, you can click on the Add Media option that corresponds to the media you want to add.


#8: Skills & Endorsements

Add at least 10 skills to this section. Once again, think keywords that you would like to be found for when someone searches LinkedIn. You can edit this area to add or delete skills and to rearrange them. Endorse others for skills as many will reciprocate and do the same for you.


#9: Additional Info – Interests

Include hobbies, interests and skills that you are truly passionate about in this section.

#10: Additional Profile Sections

Explore and add any applicable sections to your profile by clicking on the “view more” link located below the initial section at the top of your profile. This area also has the “Advice for Contacting” you section. Include all your preferred contact methods here.


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February 4, 2016