[February 2016] Monthly Marketing: Get More Testimonials and Online Reviews

[February 2016] Monthly Marketing: Get More Testimonials and Online Reviews

The WBNL Coaching Wanderers’ Club Monthly Marketing kit for February 2016 will support you in receiving more testimonials and online reviews.

Download the Marketing Kit here which contains:

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  • 3 Steps to the Perfect Testimonial
  • Client letter/email requesting the testimonials
  • Letter/email thanking client for testimonial

It is becoming more critical for all businesses and business owners to have positive and influential reviews, recommendations and online ratings for their services.  For real estate professionals, it is imperative to have reviews on the primary listing portals like Zillow.com (your reviews from Zillow will also be displayed on trulia.com) and Realtor.com.  Zillow started adding your transaction history to your profile in the fall  of 2015 by mining public transaction data.

Realtor.com also has a rating & reviews area on your agent profile that rolled out at the end of 2015.  Realtor.com’s agent profile includes ratings and unfiltered reviews, but unlike profiles for rival Zillow, only those consumers who have completed a transaction with you can rate or review you on realtor.com. You can opt out of ratings and reviews and displaying your transaction histories on an all-or-nothing basis.

For real estate agents, it is also key to get recommendations on LinkedIn. Consumers can also rate and review you on Yelp, Google and your Facebook page. Client testimonials are also important to add to your website, blog or other online site.

A survey of 852 real estate pros conducted in July-August of 2015, revealed how impactful agent reviews really are becoming. Take a look below:

T3Survey Agent Reviews

Here’s the deal, your clients want to write the review or testimonial for you but most people either don’t know what to say or they get busy and it goes on that list of “things I need to do but will probably never get to”!

We developed the following strategy to implement right away in your business system that will help you encourage your clients to write or post that rating, review, or recommendation. Start implementing this strategy right now with your existing clients (current buyers and sellers).  Also, connect with your past clients from the past 12 months and ask for a testimonial.

Step 1- ensure you have complete profiles on all of the key sites!

  • Zillow
  • Realtor.com
  • LinkedIn (watch the Webinar replay on Creating an All-Star LinkedIn Profile http://wbnlcoaching.com/project/how-to-create-an-all-star-linkedin-profile/)
  • Yelp
  • Business Facebook Page
  • Google+
  • Google My Business (formerly Places) https://www.google.com/business/

Step 2 – establish the importance of reviews and ratings with your client.

  • When you begin working with a new client, have a conversation with them about whether or not they use ratings and reviews to influence their decision to buy something, eat at a new restaurant or select a business professional.
  • Share a personal story or get them to share an example of how reviews impacted a buying decision.
  • Find out if they use Yelp.  Are they on Zillow, LinkedIn, Realtor.com?
  • Ask if you can connect with them on LinkedIn, if you are not already a connection.

Step 3 – remind them about how important it is to get favorable ratings and reviews in your business

  • During the transaction period, remind the client that their feedback and endorsement would be the best way to show their gratitude and support you if their experience has been a positive one.
  • Let them know you will share a process to make preparing the review or recommendation easier after the closing.

Step 4 – send your post-closing request for review/recommendation letter or email

  • Customize the letters we included in your monthly download to include any instructions or links to your profiles on specific sites.
  • For Zillow and LinkedIn, you must send the request for review and recommendation from within those platforms.
  • Include the 3 Steps to the Perfect Testimonial document
  • Include some of your testimonials as examples

Step 5 – send the thank you letter or email after you receive the review, rating or recommendation from your client



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February 8, 2016