[April 2016] Monthly Marketing: Spring Check-Up

[April 2016] Monthly Marketing: Spring Check-Up

Our April Marketing piece was designed as a helpful tip that  you can pass along to your clients that will provide one of the easiest things that they can do to keep up the value of their home – regular maintenance. We have created a simple 2 page home checklist that you can personalize along with an email template that you can use and make your own!  Sometimes these basic touch-bases are the very best way to stay connected to your database.

The document runs the homeowner through items to check, clean, and replace throughout their property, and although not created as a complete check-list (as each home will have different needs) it will serve as a great starting place for them to insure that their property is in good shape.  The point is to stress that doing routine maintenance on their home will save them money now and will add value to their home when they are ready to sell.  Since you were the helpful agent that armed them with counsel along the way – they should turn to you to list!

This marketing piece was designed so that you can insert your contact information.  There are 4 editable lines that you can add text to.  Just click on the box and enter your information.


Click the button below to download the checklist.

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We have also put together a brief email template that you can use as the intro to the piece. You can use it as is or edited it as you please.  Simply copy and past the text into your email.

Hello (Client),

Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, baseball is starting back up again and yes, it’s time for some spring cleaning!  One of the easiest things you can do to keep up the value of your home is regular maintenance. So why is it one of the last things on our to-do list?

A well-maintained home will save you money now and will add value to your home when you are ready to sell.  I’ve put together a Home Care Checklist that you can use as a guide to kick start your spring cleaning activities!  The checklist covers items in your home as well as outside and will get you on the right track.  There is no time like the present to get started.  You’ll be happy that you did!

As always, call me if there’s anything else you might need. Thank you again for your business and your trust.



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April 8, 2016