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One-on-One Coaching

We provide individual, customized coaching to develop & implement strategies to help our clients reach personally identified goals of enhanced business performance and/or personal satisfaction.  We take a hands-on approach to coaching and training to guide you to refine any existing system, leverage a tool you have or develop a system or process that’s missing in your business.

Hiring the Right People

The WBNL Coaching Business Builder program, designed as a turn-key solution to expand your business through hiring and training the right staff so that you can focus on the money-making priorities. Through a combination of our online library, one-on-one coaching, an actual written systems (including a complete operations manual) we are confident that you will be on the right path.

Operations Package

A strong foundation is essential to your business.  You know that, however, we’d guess that there are systems and procedures that you probably don’t have in place.  Our Ops Package provides the resources that you can customize and make your own!  The outstanding byproduct of that is a saleable business and an exit strategy.  It’s just right.

Recruiting Solutions

Recruiting is the backbone of your business (if it’s not – see our One-on-One Coaching Program).  Our coaching will provide you resources, scripts, a presentation, and the 5 steps to an effective interview. Post-interview follow-up techniques, closing, objection handling and onboarding new agents to your team.  Wow, that is a ton of material – contact us to learn more.

Retention Programs

So, you’ve built a great team, now every other company wants to take them from you!   Retaining your productive agents is the next critical function of a successful brokerage or team. Retention starts with providing an outstanding office environment and building a culture of positive energy. Whether they voice it or not, most agents really want those things.

Compliance & Risk Management

Starting new or reevaluating your company? We can help you develop or  review your:

  • ICA & Ops Manual
  • Agent Polices & Procedures Manual
  • Commission Models & Onboarding Package
  • Back Office Systems

Just to name a few!

The Wanderers’ Club

The Wanderers’ Club provides membership access to a world of information and enlightenment.  With weekly coaching tips, monthly video training workshops, and multiple training courses, it is the Netflix of Real Estate.  AND, with WBNL 365, a Wanderers’ Club Exclusive, we deliver social media posts & images that you can use across your online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram.  One for EVERY day!  Imagine the time you will save.

CYRB & On the Right Track 

Our Connecting Your Real Estate Business (CYRB) and On the Right Track (12-week deep dive to success) programs offer you excellent training solutions for your agents to get back to the basics, find their niche, and create a lasting Real Estate Business.  We are all about HOW to implement rather than the usual fluffed up basics.  These core programs will instantly level your company up in the training arena.

Leads Program

Agents want leads.  We have developed the missing link between lead programs and conversion.  Full disclosure ~ nothing comes without engagement and work, so if you have the desire and are dedicated to running a successful program, which will increase your productivity and agent count, then contact us and let’s chat.  It will save you thousands on wasted leads.

CYRB & On The Right Track

Let us customize and brand our two exclusive agent training programs for your company – Connecting Your Real Estate Business and On The Right Track. WBNL Coaching will design, develop and build a branded, self-contained online real estate training platform with a public-facing recruiting landing page that is branded for your brokerage. Contact us to discuss the options and to get a custom quote for your company.

Real Estate Team Builder

The WBNL Coaching Real Estate Team Builder program, designed to get your Team up and running smoothly and efficiently.  Let us guide you every step of the way to implement the system and build your team.  With over 54 training modules and 111 documents at your fingertips, we have done all the work – all you need to do is customize the procedures and documents for your business and market.

Manager Training

You’ll never get to your destination without the proper training. All too often, talent is found and brought on board without the proper tools for success.  We’ve created a manager training program that covers recruiting, retention, time management, communication, mastering social media, and more.  If you have multiple locations our manager training provides the extra benefit of a consistent method and message throughout your organization.

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