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5 Easy Steps to Get Started

1 Download the files for each month by clicking on the link for the Unit in the corresponding month.  You’ll find 3 the three downloads listed below.  Then just click on the RED Download Now button

  • WBNL 365 Image Catalog (your guide for each day of the month shows you the image to use and the content to post)
  • Square Images in a .zip file (best for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • Rectangle Images in a zip file (best for Twitter

2 Access your downloads here (MY DOWNLOADS).  Download the zip folders and the Excel Post Catalog to your computer

3 (Optional) Brand the images with your logo if desired using a tool like canva.com

4 Use the Image-Content Catalog as your guide to post the daily image and content. Consider using Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your daily posts in advance

5 Customize the content as desired and add your Call to Action and hashtags to the post (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)