One of the wonderful features of blogging is the experience of truly finding your own voice.  I have been posting on my original Real Estate Coach Blog at since December 2006. After 400 blog posts, I can honestly tell you that the more you write the more comfortable you get with the whole experience and the platform. Blogs are designed to be more conversational, transparent and to reflect the authors true personality and voice.

Becoming a better blogger is like honing any other skillset.  You must schedule the time and just write.  It’s a journey that takes practice, patience and commitment.

When I think about why I subscribe to various blogs,  I find that it’s not only that the author has something interesting or compelling to say.  I have also discovered these things are also important to me:

  1. The author is writing on topics I like or want to learn more about. The blog has a clear purpose and topic (s) and the author delivers content that keeps me coming back for more!
  2. It’s not always what they say but how they say it – how they deliver the message. The author’s true voice, honesty, passion and personality shines through the posts.
  3. The author gets the point across succinctly and the posts are well-written.
  4. It’s entertaining, informative, makes me think or ask questions or want to make a comment.
  5. The blog posts are easy and enjoyable to read and integrate imagery, video or multi-media.
  6. The blog is updated frequently with compelling, informative, interesting content that keeps me checking back for more or subscribing to the updates.

We all have a voice!  It may take a little while to trust the process and find it however.  Here are a couple of tips for you to ponder as you find your blog voice:

  • Write for yourself first. Write 20 posts and watch how your voice starts to emerge and develop.
  • Blog like you are in a room full of friends, having a conversation, catching up on the news and latest events.
  • Write in a stream of consciousness – just get on your computer and let it flow.
  • Share your opinions and ideas. Be candid but not polarizing or off-putting.
  • It takes a while to develop your voice, so have patience and don’t quit! 


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