A social media marketing plan is a key component of any business these days.  It is possible to generate and convert leads into closed transactions when you implement a strategic and consistent social media plan.  Think of social networking sites as just that … an opportunity to build relationships, build community, enhance your brand, leverage yourself as a local expert and real estate professional.

To be most effective on social media, you must become a consistent content marketer or curator. Content Marketing Builds trust. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. With a solid content marketing plan you can:

  • KNOW – Turn a visitor into an audience member.
  • LIKE – Turn an audience member into a potential customer.
  • TRUST – Convert a potential customer into a client.


Identify your objectives and goals for social media

Before jumping on and trying to manage every popular social media site, it is critical to first identify your goals and outcomes for your overall social media strategy.  Take some time to seriously consider and answer the following questions before formulating your online and social media plan.

What do you want to accomplish with your social media strategy?
Be specific.

  • Do you want to communicate and build more relationships online?
  • Build brand awareness?
  • Visitors complete a form, sign up for something, calls or emails for more information, become a prospect for your business or service? 

Who Is Your Target Audience?

  • What social media and networking sites are they using?
  • How do you know or how can you find out?

Bonus Tip:  We recommend conducting a survey to find out what social sites your clients are using.  See Tip #9: Client Survey to determine preferences for communication and social sites

Who is going to maintain your social media presence?

  • Write and upload the posts?
  • Status updates? Interactions on networks?
  • Do you have the resources to sustain our strategy?
  • What should you do and what can be outsourced?

How do you measure success?  What do you want to track…

  • Views
  • Traffic
  • Comments
  • Subscribers, followers
  • Leads
  • Sales

Considerations for Online Personal Branding

  • Should you separate business & personal lives?
  • Does your offline personality match your online brand?
  • Does your online content match your brand?
  • Does your brand relate to your audience?


What Social Media Platforms To Use

For business, leverage the social media sites that your clients and target audience are using consistently.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + (Highly recommended)

Other platforms based on your audience and goals:

  • You Tube
    Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat

Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites | October 2016



Conduct a Social Media Audit

An important part of creating your social media marketing plan is conducting a social media audit. This audit serves to assess your current social media use and goals, and how they’re working or not working.

  • Google yourself and your brand/company
  • Find other accounts that may be representing your or your brand
  • Take note of any discrepancies, errors, revisions needed
  • Use the Social Media Profiles/Audit template to gather all your info
    • Social Network
    • URL to Profile
    • Username/password
    • Followers (Date)
    • Last Activity Date
    • Branded yes/no?

Social Profile Tips
Make sure you have completed your profile on each platform you will use for your business before implementing the Daily 5 Plan!

  • Be consistent with your User Name (recommend using your actual name not market keywords)
  • Use a professional photo (head shot)
  • Use the bio area to spotlight your niche, specialty, target audience
  • Create a Word Doc with all the common profile content (use your completed LinkedIn profile)
  • Use branded cover images across all social platforms


What Type Content to Share

Types of Media to include in your Social Media Marketing Plan:

  • Blog Posts
  • Slideshares
  • Branded Images and Photos
  • Video (original and others)
  • Live streams
  • Infographics
  • Instagram (embedded)
  • Links to your websites, articles, posts


Answer this basic question: What do you like, share, retweet?
Chances are your answer is similar to this list below.  Bottom line – post content that has the best chance of getting attention, interaction, comments and shares. Choose and create content that targets your particular audience and client.

  • Entertaining, funny, inspirational, motivational messages
  • Inspirational quotes with compelling images
  • Photos and videos
  • Ask questions
  • Educational and informative content
  • Minimize real estate promotion (80/20 rule here – 20% real estate promotional content)
  • Market updates, newsworthy real estate content
  • Local news
  • Lifestyle content


Content Marketing Calendar

A content calendar will map your social media goals, target audience, and campaigns against a weekly or monthly calendar. Think about what content you can share across various channels that will support your business objectives. You can also use the calendar to collect your thoughts and ideas for future posts to develop.

  • Title or description of the content
  • Message / text to post
  • Links to supporting documents or web page
  • Assets needed (images, photos, PDF, slide deck, etc)
  • Author or writer
  • Channels you will promote it on
  • Date published
  • Campaign
  • Category
  • Tags or Hashtags


The Daily 5 (30-30)

Schedule 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the afternoon/evening and stay focused on the 5 strategies outlined below.  The Daily 5 works best for Facebook and LinkedIn, however can be slightly adapted for all the primary social media platforms.  Stay on task and resist the urge to go down the “Internet Rabbit Hole!”  Which, of course, means getting distracted from your task at hand as you click and click and click your way

  1. Check-in or share an update (include a photo or video)
  2. Like, comment or share posts from your newsfeed (wall)
  3. Post an interesting, informative, or inspirational link, quote or photo
  4. Send a Direct Message to a connection
  5. Add new connections
    Bonus: Comment or share in a Group (Facebook, LinkedIn)


Leverage Social Media Scheduling Tools 

Check out these tools to manage your social media marketing to automate and schedule your posts and updates as well as measure performance with social analytics.

Information current as of 10-21-16)

(Free for 1 profile per platform and 10 scheduled posts)

$10/mth to upgrade to:
10 profiles per platform
100 scheduled posts
Integrate RSS feeds and calendar


(Free up to 3 social profiles)
$10/mth for:
Up to 50 Social Profiles
1 Enhanced Analytics Report
Bulk Message Scheduling
1 user included, up to 10
Access to Premium Apps


Sprout Social
(starting at $59/mth)

  • All-In-One Social Inbox
  • Monitor Profiles, Keywords & Locations
  • Publishing, Scheduling & Drafting
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Network, Profile & Post-Level Reports
  • Unlimited PDF/CSV Report Exports
  • Includes up to 5 profiles


Need Ideas for Real Estate Industry Content to Share?  

Here’s a list to get you started.