[WBNL 52-8-17] Facebook Introduces New Job Posting Feature

WBNLCoaching_WBNL52_8_Facebook Introduces New Job Posting Feature

Are you looking for an assistant to help you in your business?  Or maybe you are a team leader interested in attracting buyer’s agents to join your team?  Then you will definitely want to check out the latest enhancement for Facebook Pages.

Facebook announced on February 15, 2017 you can now “create a job post, track applications and communicate directly with applicants” on your business pages or through a new Jobs on Facebook section on the site.  As with all your Facebook posts, admins also have the option to “boost job posts to reach a larger or more relevant audience.”  Your Job Posts will show up on your business page as an new tab “Jobs.”  Your job postings are also listed on the new Facebook Jobs page.

Job seekers can easily apply for jobs with the new “Apply Now” button found on Facebook’s job listings. This button generates a pre-populated form with information from the user’s Facebook and you will receive the “application” via your messages on your Facebook Page.

Here is quick tutorial on how to post a Job on Facebook:

  1. Create a Job Post

    You can do this either from your Business Page or from this page https://www.facebook.com/jobs. Your job post will appear on the Facebook jobs page and your business page.


  2. Enter all the details for your job posting and publish.

    FBPage_jobs WBNL coaching

  3. You will get this notification after you click publish:

  4. Your job posting is good for 30 days.  

    Here is the job posting we created for one of our Las Vegas clients.  The process was super easy and fast.


  5. Here is the notification message you get when someone applies:


  6. Set a Budget, Select Your Target Audience and Boost Your Job Post


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February 20, 2017