[WBNL 52-49] Client Appreciation Program Ideas


Do you have a successful Client Appreciation Program in place?

The key to building a referral business is making multiple connections to the people in your client database. An effective program of consistent connections and true value will keep you “top of mind’ with your clients and increases the likelihood that people will refer you to the next person they know that needs to buy or sell a home.

In this week’s WBNL 52, we share some ideas to help you create or enhance your Client Appreciation Program.

Introduction Letter

Create a letter or email that introduces your program and outlines the benefits to the client. Here are two examples to get you started – just revise and customize to include the details of your program.

(Introduce Your Client Appreciation Program)

Dear [Client]:

Let me take just a moment of your time to introduce a complimentary service I provide for my clients.

It features a regular updates and analysis of our local and national real estate market, a referral directory of local businesses and services, an annual analysis of the market value of your home, invitations to our annual client appreciation party and a whole host of other helpful information you’ll receive on a regular basis.

I am dedicated to bringing you the excellent customer service that you deserve – and nothing less!

I look forward to staying in touch and I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your Real Estate Professional.



(New Connection – Introduce your Client Appreciation Program)

Dear (Name),

It was a pleasure meeting you recently at (name the source). As we discussed briefly, for years I have been building a client centric real estate business with the vision of providing a consumer experience unlike any other. I am dedicated to bringing you the excellent customer service that you deserve – and nothing less!

I would love the opportunity to be your trusted real estate consultant now and into the future.

As a member of my Client Appreciation Program, I look forward to providing you with more valuable information and up-to-date news on the ever changing real estate industry; locally, nationally, and globally. By providing systems that fit your needs you will be more connected and always in the loop on the current status. And that is just the beginning, at every turn you will see a new type of real estate experience, where it is not business as usual.

Here are some of the benefits of my complimentary Client Appreciation Program:

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • Feature 4

I will be in touch soon and really look forward to building a relationship that will last.



Ideas for a Client Appreciation Program

  • Hand-written personal notes
  • Monthly newsletter, local market update
  • Groupon idea / referrals to local businesses / vendors
  • Monthly Market update for their home (Market Snapshot from Top Producer)
  • Annual – in-depth CMA
  • House-warming party / Welcome to the Neighborhood
  • Just moved kit (personalized return of address labels, postcard announcement
  • Birthday card and/or call
  • Half Birthday card, text or call
  • Closing Statement in January (for previous year closings)
  • Home Anniversary card or gift
  • Client Closing Gift
  • Referral Reward
    • Movie Tickets
    • Gift Cards
    • Car wash
    • Gas cards
  • Contests – raffles
  • Client lunches
  • Holiday cards
  • Host Educational Seminars (online or live)
  • Annual or Semi-Annual Client Appreciation Events

Quarterly Thank You mailers or In –person delivery

  • Batteries for smoke detectors
  • Gift cert for house cleaning
  • Book with personal note
  • Gift Basket with local products


Client Appreciation Week
Consider implementing a week of Client Appreciation. Plan and coordinate something special either mailed, emailed, or texted every day for a week.


Client Appreciation Event Ideas

  • Holiday Party
  • Rent out a theater – week night
  • Fundraising events
  • Host a local event (sports, super bowl, etc)
  • Donation in client’s name
  • Newer restaurant, pub – co-promotion
  • Rent Food truck
  • Host a Private Wine Tasting
  • Small dinner party at your home
  • Happy Hour event with 1 cocktail and appetizers included
  • Take everyone to a baseball game
  • Early Halloween party with canned food donations
  • Summer BBQ at your office, home or local park
  • Bowling Alley party
  • Create a family fun fair with face painting, games, etc.
  • Host a blood drive
  • Host a block party for a neighborhood that you work or live in
  • Host a game night

Vendor / Business Partners and Affiliates
Don’t forget your business partners and vendors! Invite and include them in your client events. Consider having a separate vendor appreciation event annually.

Promoting Real Estate Client Appreciation Events
Hosting a client appreciation events provide an amazing opportunity for you to reach out to the people in your database many times before and after the event to stay top of mind.

Leverage all forms of communication to invite, promote and remind your clients of your special event: Emails, Phone Calls, Texts, Mailings, and Social Media

  • Save the Date email and mailer
  • Event Invitation email and call
  • Event Reminder email, call, text
  • Post-Event “Thank You” email, text, call

Facebook & Social Media

  • Timeline Posts;
  • Create an Event Page and/or Group;
  • Direct Messages

Hire a photographer for the event and post photos and videos on social media and to use in post-event follow-up.

Raffles and contests for prizes (often donated by vendors) can also be promoted before, during and after the event.


WC Members – Revisit these Units In “Connecting your Real Estate Business:


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