[WBNL 52-42] Real Estate Team Building Tip #9: Five Creative Ways to Attract Team Agents


We continue our Trending Tips on Real Estate Team Building with another tip on how to attract (recruit) agents to your team.  In Real Estate Team Building tip #9, we share Five Creative Ways to Attract Team Agents.

Your Sphere of Influence/Database Both your initial and ongoing success in attracting agents to join your team/company will be rooted in the relationships you already have with agents in your market place.

  • Who do you know in your local real estate market?
  • Who are agents you have done business with in the past?
  • Who knows you personally or by your business reputation?
  • Ask your database for referrals to licensees they know. Send a letter or email about opportunities in joining your team/company.

Co-op Agents who have done business with your office/team will be a great resource.

  • First call your agent to congratulate them and ask about the co-op agent. Call and thank the agent for co-operating on a sale.
  • Send a personal note
  • Send a closing gift – balloon bouquet, edible arrangement, etc. sent to their office

Visit Open Houses Whenever you see a competitor’s open house sign, stop by and visit the open house and the agent. Bring water, business cards, and brochure on your company/team.

Career Landing Page

Advertising/Marketing Advertising can be effective as well and can be either in print medium or Internet based. A consistent campaign over time will bring the best results rather than a one shot attempt. Some of the resources for print will include local newspapers, professional organizations, state publications of new licensees, purchased mailing lists and cooperating agents that your office has done business with. Run ongoing ads on Craigslist, local online newspapers and other classified sites.

Post agent career ads on sites like:

  • Indeed.com
  • Glassdoor.com
  • LinkedIn.com

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