[WBNL 52-19] 30 Ways to Use Evernote to Increase Your Productivity

WBNL 52 - 19 - 30 Ways to Use Evernote

Evernote is an excellent cloud-based app that allows you to take notes, manage, organize and synch content across all of your digital devices and desktop. Evernote lets you easily track projects, create notes with attachments and links, to-do and other lists, add photos, voice recordings, clip webpages and content from the internet.

Evernote Basics

30 Ways to Use Evernote to Increase Your Productivity

  1. Write and track your goals and outcomes!
  2. Create Template/ Checklists for working with Buyer (Qualifying, Contract to Close, Home Tours)
  3. Create Template/ Checklists for working with Sellers (Pre-Listing, Seller Qualify, Listing Appointment, Listing to Close tasks)
  4. Use camera feature to capture photos of a property on a listing appointment (share with Sellers along with notes for repairs, staging, etc)
  5. Create a marketing “swipe file” with common CTA’s, links to calls to actions, your contact info
  6. Note with your bio, headshot, contact info
  7. Note with your hashtags for social media (Instagram, Twitter in particular)
  8. Logins, user names and passwords for all of your accounts, social media, etc (add security levels if desired – password protection)
  9. Take notes when attending a class or seminar
  10. Researching – Save (clip) useful information, articles and pages when you are online
  11. Checklist of your household inventory for insurance (add photos, descriptions, serial numbers, etc.)
  12. Important and often-used contact information and websites (personal, bills, home-related)
  13. Important and useful contact and information for business (Vendors, team members, business affiliates)
  14. Resource and contact list for clients with utilities and other useful links and info for relocating to your area
  15. Create a grocery checklist with the common items purchased
  16. Clip and save inspirational, motivational content and quotes
  17. Create your bucket list (think Be, Do, Have!) – things you want to do, accomplish, places to visit.
  18. Take notes and record your insights when reading a book
  19. Start a list of movies, TV shows, music you like or want currently like or want to eventually get to
  20. Do your event planning and organization (from birthdays to weddings and everything in between)
  21. Vacation Planning – create a notebook with places to visit, links to travel resources, lodging, things to do, etc.
  22. Track your business expenses (take photos of your business receipts
  23. Create a gift idea list for those important people in your life (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, include applicable sizes, etc)
  24. Start a health and fitness journal and record your daily workouts and food intake
  25. Daily journal entries – gratitude journal (record the things you are grateful for today)
  26. Genealogy – start a notebook to collect family history and information, photos and more
  27. Hobbies and passions – use Evernote to record and collect information
  28. Wine-tasting or Craft Beer enthusiast? Take a photo and record your thoughts and information when you try a new wine or brew
  29. Recipes – create a notebook to clip, copy or record your favorite recipes.  Include photos
  30. Create a Someday-Maybe list of things you would like to get to … eventually

Bonus: If you like the IFTTT (If This Then That) app, there are tons of recipes to automate tasks that you want saved to Evernote.

  • Automatically backup Tweets
  • RSS feeds
  • Save Facebook status updates
  • New Dropbox files copies
  • Star an item in Gmail and send to Evernote
  • Instagram liked photos
  • Archive your IG photos



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May 9, 2016