[October 2016] The Pre-Listing Package

[October 2016] The Pre-Listing Package

This month’s marketing kit is The Pre-Listing Package:

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  • Pre-Listing Presentation Template (PPT)
  • Seller’s Homework template (WORD)
  • Pre-Listing Package emails (WORD)


 Click HERE to go to the Monthly Training Workshop covering the Pre-Listing Package including these topics:

Why Use a Pre-Listing Package?

  • Set yourself apart from the competition as a professional
  • To effectively communicate your unique value proposition of why sellers should hire you to market and sell their property
  • Shorten the amount of time spent at the actual listing presentation
  • Educate and inform the sellers on the home selling process
  • Encourage the sellers to get necessary items and complete some documentation prior to your meeting
  • Sending them your pre-listing package allows adequate time for all parties to review your track record, your testimonials and your approach to marketing homes before you meet face-to-face.

Pre-Listing Package Contents

  • A branded cover and catchy title like “Preparing for a Successful Home Sale”
  • A brief introduction letter
  • A brief personal bio
  • Your track record of results compared to the market
  • Client testimonials
  • An explanation of how buyers search for, and evaluate homes.
  • An explanation of how you prepare the homeowner, and their home, for a successful sale.
  • A brief description of how you generate interest and showings.
  • A list of the items the seller needs to provide (homework)

Pre-Qualify the Sellers 

Seller’s Homework 

Customizing the Pre-Listing Presentation

Promotion and Marketing Ideas


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October 3, 2016