[Member Webinar] Using Evernote for Business and More

[Member Webinar] Using Evernote for Business and More
  • Overview of Evernote
  • Desktop, mobile apps
  • Free, Plus or Premium account
  • Creating notes, lists, reminders, audio notes
  • Setting up your notebooks and stacks
  • Tags and search functionality
  • Sharing notes and notebooks
  • Scanning Business Cards and adding to your contacts
  • Evernote Clipper
  • Ways to use Evernote for real estate
  • Using the Evernote App

Using Evernote on the iPhone


Evernote lets you take notes to a new level. It is a productivity app that keeps your  home and work projects, ideas, and inspiration handy across all your digital devices.

Download the Evernote Desktop version and Apps

Evernote Guides & Tutorials

Overview of Evernote

Notes are the building blocks and foundation of Evernote
(text, clips for the web, audio, photos, sketches, attachments

Notebooks are like folders of related notes

Stacks are collections of related notebooks


UPDATE as of June 28, 2016, Evernote made the following changes:

  • Access from Evernote Basic accounts will be limited to two devices
  • Evernote Plus   $3.99/month or $34.99/year (save 27%)
  • Evernote Premium $7.99/month or $69.99/year (save 27%)

Evernote Pricing June 2016

PREMIUM features:

  • 10 GB of new uploads every month
  • Search in Office documents and attachments
  • Turn notes into presentations
  • Annotate attached PDFs
  • San and digitize business cards
  • View previous versions of notes
  • See content related to your note


  • Title
  • Text
  • Formatting
  • Checkboxes
  • Reminders
  • Photos/Camera (add text to the note)
  • Sketch
  • Audio file
  • Tags
  • Geo location
  • Add it to a notebook
  • Attachments – desktop?



  • On the desktop version, just create anew note and use the Checkbox icon to add boxes to your list
  • On the mobile app, just select “LIST” to create a new list note.
    Evernote list note


Use the audio feature to record and save voice notes.


  • Think folders
  • Organize notes into Notebooks
  • Set up a default notebook – !Inbox for example
  • !Action notebook
  • ! Someday/Maybe
  • Lists


  • Organize related notebooks in to Stacks
  • Collections
  • Major Categories
    • Travel
    • Work Projects
    • Home Projects
    • Health
    • Real Estate Business
    • Hobbies
    • Training/Education


  • Tag all your notes for easy searching
  • Be consistent with your naming convention
  • Create a note with your tags/keywords for major categories


  • Save webpages, parts of webpages, link to the page and add your notes



It’s easy to share notes or notebooks with anyone (friends, family, clients). People do not need to download an Evernote app or ever use Evernote again to see the note. The email the receive from your will have a link which they can open and view in any browser.  If they want to collaborate with you or edit the note, they will have to sign in or create an Evernote account.


  • Keywords, tags
  • Notebook: notebookname
  • “keyword*”
  • Save your common searches


  • Email your notes, snapshots, and audio clips directly into your account. Emailed notes will go directly into your default notebook.
  • To find your unique email go to Account info > More Account Settings to find your email to Evernote

IFTTT Recipes

If you like the IFTTT (If This Then That) app, there are tons of recipes to automate tasks that you want saved to Evernote.


  • Automatically backup Tweets
  • RSS feeds
  • Save Facebook status updates
  • New Dropbox files copies
  • Star an item in Gmail and send to Evernote
  • Instagram liked photos
  • Archive your IG photos


PC Desktop version

Evernote PC



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April 20, 2016