[Member Webinar] LinkedIn Suite of Mobile Apps

[Member Webinar] LinkedIn Suite of Mobile Apps

In this WC Member Training Webinar, we demonstrate how to use the suite of mobile apps for LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn mobile app
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn Pulse
  • LinkedIn Slideshare
  • Lynda.com
  • LinkedIn Lookup
  • LinkedIn Job Search

Download at the App store for IOS or Android.  Or get the direct links to the applicable app store here: https://mobile.linkedin.com/

LinkedIn Mobile App



  • Search via the mobile app is much more functional than it used to be, but it’s not as good as the advanced search you can do with a desktop browser.
  • Keyword search example
  • Refine Search icon
    • Degree of connection
    • Locations
    • Current companies
    • Industries
  • Use the more results to search for jobs, groups, companies
  • Personalize the INVITE
  • GRID icon to access all the APPS or download if you haven’t done so already

Post Updates with Photos

  • To get started, go to the Home tab and click the Share button or Photo button at the top of the screen. If you click the Share button, you can create an update that includes text, links and mentions of other LinkedIn members.
  • @username to include or mention another LinkedIn member in your update post
  • You can even upload a photo or take one using your camera to include in the status update.
  • You can share easily to your whole LinkedIn network, to LinkedIn and your Twitter account or to only your first-degree connections.

Engage With Your Connections’ Updates

You can Like, Comment or Share a connections update

Share menu

  • Share with comment to your news feed
  • Send as message to a connection
  • Email link to the update
  • Save photo

My Network

People icon to left

  • Accept invitations to connect – view their profile – send direct message
  • View your Connections
    • Click on the … icon of any connection to send a direct message or remove the connection

Icon with + to right  

  • Add connections (remember to personalize the invitation)
  • People you may know – Click on profile then the 3 dots next to search bar to personalize the invite 


  • Respond to messages
  • Write new messages – you can also upload a photo


This area displays all the various notifications of activities related to you and  your profile (views, endorsements,likes, shares)


  • Edit your profile
  • Share a Publisher Post
  • Settings gear icon
    • Account settings
    • Privacy settings
    • Communications

LinkedIn Groups

This stand-alone app is just for checking your group activity, posting, commenting, discovering and joining new groups.


Join groups (you get a maximum of 50 to join) in your own market or industry, your ideal client’s industry, groups that you are interested in, groups that your target prospects are members of, alumni groups, open groups and some big groups Once you join a group you can send a message to strategic members /prospects or invite strategic members to connect with you. 

LinkedIn Pulse

Editor’s Pic

Articles from who you follow



  • – You – view LinkedIn profile
  • Your activity, Saved, Following


  • Search bar
  • Publishers
  • People

Gear Settings

  • notifications

LinkedIn Slideshare

LinkedIn’s Guide to Slideshare – Creator’s Hub: Resources to create standout SlideShares


  • Search
  • Editor’s picks
  • Featured by Category
  • Like, save, share


  1. Following
  2. All Categories


See your uploads and decks you have liked. View saved presentations offline


  • Learn Business, Technology, And Creative Skills
  • 10 Day free trial, then various pricing options

LinkedIn Lookup

Use this app to find and connect with other people in your company or organization.

LinkedIn Job Search

Search for jobs, track and get notifications.



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March 30, 2016