[February 2017 Marketing] Home Anniversary Kit

[February 2017 Marketing] Home Anniversary Kit

Remembering a Pivotal Moment

Building rapport is one of the most basic strategies in Real Estate yet despite our best intentions, even the simplest connections can get buried in the other tasks that come our way on a daily basis.  This month we’ve put together a Home Anniversary Kit that you can use to connect with your clients on that special anniversary date.

The February downloads include:

  • Letterhead with a Home Anniversary Banner
  • Home Anniversary 2-Up Postcard (in png and pdf)
  • Email Banner

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QUICK MARKETING TIP:  A hand written anniversary note is the most memorable way to connect to your clients.  You can personalize the downloads above by handwriting the postcard or letter.  Email is efficient and certainly totally acceptable, however, it’s not nearly as personal and can easily be deleted. 

If you are a hard and fast email user, below you will find a template that you can send. Adding good memories that relate to the transaction will make it even better.   Simply copy and paste the text into your email, make your changes, and send it on its way!


Hello (Client) –

It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since the docs were signed that the keys exchanged.  One of the greatest and most rewarding parts of being a REALTOR is helping people go from home shoppers to homeowners.  As I look back on it, we had a few bumps that we conquered, but overall, the process was smooth and I was proud to have represented you.

[Add any positive memories or stories that might make your client look fondly back on the transaction.]

Here’s to another great year in your home!

As always, I’m just a phone call, email, or text away if you have any real estate questions.  If you know anyone that is interested in buying or selling, please point them in my direction.  I’d love to be sending them a note in the future!


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February 8, 2017