[December 2016] 2016 ~ A Look-Back and a Thank You

[December 2016] 2016 ~ A Look-Back and a Thank You

A Look-Back and a Thank You

December is one of the most hectic times of the year for many.  In our opinion, it is not a time for hard selling, rather, a time to celebrate your clients and friends for trusting you with their real estate needs.  In this Monthly Marketing, we’ve created an email, flyers, and social media image that you can use to thank your clients. Below you will find the email that you can send. Use it as is or edit it as you please (adding anything personal will make it even better!).   Simply copy and paste the text into your email.  The downloadable pdf & social media jpeg follow the email.

QUICK MARKETING TIP:  Don’t forget your SOI!  Heck, I’d send this to my best friend.  Tying the words Clients and Friends together is perhaps even stronger with the FRIENDS segment!  And we all know just how much it hurts when friends use another Realtor!  

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Hello (Client) –

I always enjoy this time of year.  People are certainly busier than ever, however, there seems to be a little more cheer and happiness around.  2016 is nearing its end and as I reflect upon the last 365 days it reminds me how much I appreciate you being a part of my life and business.  It’s funny, I’m always curious about what clients and friends think when they receive a thank you note from their Realtor.  My business is sales, and as such, this type of message can seem contrived.

I simply look at things differently.  One of the reasons I got into the industry was to ensure that people have responsible and moral counsel.  I feel confident that I provide that.  My goal is for you to reach your goal.  Done.   You have literally thousands of choices for representation and I sincerely appreciate your trust.

Here’s to a great 2016 and a prosperous, happy, and healthy New Year.

As always, I’m just a phone call, email, or text away if you have any real estate questions.

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December 2, 2016