[August 2016] The Open House – Hosting a Special Preview

[August 2016] The Open House – Hosting a Special Preview

In our August Monthly Marketing, we want to share a strategy called the Open House Neighborhood Preview.  The idea is to invite the neighbor’s and to conduct this special preview first – before you hold your first public open houses.  Here are some general guidelines to follow to ensure your Neighborhood Preview is a solid success!

  1. Include this strategy in your Marketing Plan and review with your sellers during the listing presentation. Cover these key points and get their agreement to conduct the special event:
    • Special open house that is just for the neighbors
    • Many times, the neighbors may know of somebody who may be looking to purchase in the area
    • The invitation will come from them
    • You are sponsoring the event
    • You will hand deliver and/or mail the invitations
    • Get their help in promoting the special open house
  2. Ask your favorite title marketing rep to provide you with a list (spreadsheet) of the property owners in the neighborhood/subdivision of your listing. Note: don’t forget to also invite any renters (non-owner occupants) to the party.
  3. Review the list with the sellers and have them approve the guest list.
  4. Coordinate with the sellers for a date and the menu (appetizers, beverages, etc.)
  5. Use a special invitation that either the sellers sign or makes it clear the homeowners are inviting them. Your branding and/or a comment that you are sponsoring the event should be included on the invite. Don’t forget to include RSVP instructions.
  6. Hand-deliver and/or mail the invitations. If you deliver them in person, you may get the opportunity to chat with the neighbors, introduce yourself, invite them and let them know this is something unique you do for your clients.
  7. RSVP ideas:
  8. Coordinate the catering and set up for the event.
  9. Attend the event, network with the guests. Make sure to have some of your business cards and marketing materials available!
  10. Follow-up by sending a personal note to the attendees.
  11. Add any contacts to your database as applicable from the connections and conversations you had at the event.

We’ve put together a invitation template in Word so that you can edit it to meet your Preview specifics.  Simply click on the text boxes and type away.  There is also a place holder for you pic or logo, you name and your contact information.  Click the button below to download the document.

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August 1, 2016