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  • (Word doc) – Sample job postings/job descriptions
  • (PDF – Business System Assessment)
  •  (Excel) Task & Procedures Guide
  • (PDF) – Workshop Slide Deck

Hiring the right people for the right positions in your organization is a cornerstone to success for all business owners. In this workshop, we share our turnkey hiring and onboarding system for attracting, hiring and retaining the right administrative support staff for you.

  • How to know when you are ready to hire an assistant
  • Create job descriptions for administrative and other assistants
  • Example ads and where to run them
  • Licensed vs. Unlicensed assistants Compensation plan examples
  • The pros and cons of independent contractor vs. employee
  • Our step-by-step hiring guide and onboarding system
  • How to conduct an effective interview
  • Tools, apps and systems for managing tasks and projects
  • Keys to training, managing and retaining your perfect staff members

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