Course Overview & Downloads: 3 Steps to a Powerful Business Plan

Congratulations!  We are excited that you are taking this first step on your journey to prosperity and our hope is that you find true value in this free test-drive of the online training available at WBNL Coaching. This coaching module on Agent Business Planning and Goal Setting is actually the first in our overall certification course “Connecting Your Real Estate Business” which contains 10 separate training modules.  All of our online training courses are included in your Wanderers Club Membership.  Click here for more information on ALL of our WBNL Courses.

Our goal for you with this important initial training is that you take what you learn and then get to work. That means you actually complete and customize your business plan, outline your action strategies and have powerful, SMART goals in all areas of your life.

The video below is an introduction to our “Connecting Your Real Estate Business” course and includes some key navigation tips to get the most out of the online training.

At Wandering But Not Lost Coaching, we deliver our training using a multi-media approach that integrates all learning styles.

If you enjoy having all the material in front of you and taking notes – then make sure to download the comprehensive WBNL Guide Book which contains all the details and plenty of area to record your thoughts and notes. For our visual learners – you have the interactive videos as well as the visual Guide Book to enhance your experience. If listening is your favorite mode of study and learning you can follow along with the video and/or download the audio files and listen on the go, in your car, at the gym or wherever and whenever you choose.


Click the button below to access and download the Guidebook and all the supporting documents, worksheets and templates for this course.

  • WBNLC GuideBook: 3 Steps to a Powerful Real Estate Business Plan
  • WBNL Goal Writing Worksheets
  • WBNLC Real Estate Business Plan
  • WBNLC Income & Expenses Statement
  • WBNLC Business Budget
  • WBNLC Personal/Home Budget
  • WBNLC Success Action Plan

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