Connecting Your Real Estate Business Course

Outline & Downloads

Congratulations!  We are excited that you decided to join us as we support you on your journey to alignment, connection and prosperity

The video below is an introduction to our “Connecting Your Real Estate Business” course and includes some key navigation tips to get the most out of this online training.

NOTICE: We have modified the flow of 10 Modules to include training on Personality Styles and the Sales Cycle since recording this video.  Also, we have found that the Private Facebook Group is a better collaboration and communication platform than using forums.

At Wandering But Not Lost Coaching, we deliver our training using a multi-media approach that integrates all learning styles. If you enjoy having all the material in front of you and taking notes – then make sure to download the comprehensive WBNL Guide Book which contains all the details and plenty of area to record your thoughts and notes. For our visual and auditory learners – you have the interactive videos as well as the visual Guide Book to enhance your experience. 

Each Module begins with Unit 1: Overview & Downloads.  All you have to do is click on the DOWNLOAD button once and all of your documents will be stored here: 


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