The 4 Pillars of Lead Generation:

  1. Database
  2. Social Media
  3. Farming
  4. Networking

Build and follow specific connection campaigns/action plans for follow-up for each of these four pillars. Use a multiple-type connection plan to include personal and automated connections.  Personal touches are phone calls, in-person meetings or pob-by’s, texts, social media messages and hand-written notes.  Other connections in your campaign include emails, automatic texting (if your CRM has this feature), E-newsletters and direct mail.  Remember the”WIIFM”(What’s in it for me) principle, as you create your content for your campaigns.  Send items of value that your clients and contacts will find useful and beneficial to them.  This can include everything from local market and real estate updates to community events to home maintenance tips.

  1. Your Database. This is the most important of all the pillars and the primary value of your business and eventual exit strategy (your book of business. Ensure that you properly sort and categorize your database based on each specific group’s needs and type follow-ups you want to send or use. The fundamentals of your database include systematically and with purpose:
    • Building it (Use a great CRM solution as your hub).
    • Growing it
    • Connecting with it


  2. Social Media. Decide on the platforms you want to use consistently for your business and again have a  specific connection and posting plan in place.
  3. Geographic Farming. This tactic is real estate staple and requires a long-term commitment to the process of consistent connections.
      • Do your homework and analysis of where you intend to farm
      • Check out all the sources of data and information available today for farming starting with your title/escrow company
      • There are several third party companies like and which integrate several data sources and have algorithms using this data for predictive marketing uses like who is most likely to sell in next 6-12 months, for example


  4. Networking. Often overlooked as a strategy for lead generation and building your business.
      • Be intentional with joining network groups or attending events that have a meaning to you or are about something you are passionate about, or a skill or hobby for you
      • Be disciplined about being involved with the group by adding events and meetings to your calendar
      • Create a unique connection plan without being a pushy salesperson
      • Consider building your own agent network for both incoming and placing outgoing referrals


About Our Guest – David Squier, Team Owner, Broker & Productivity Coach

David is actually two people in one. One David is a fun-loving, engaging people person. The other David is a fanatic for organization and technology. Good thing, too. That combination of an easy-going manner and a relentless attention to details is what separates an average agent from a great one. Transactions run smoother. Buyers are happier. Sellers are happier. Everyone wins.

David is an accomplished real estate coach, trainer and speaker, With over 28 years of real estate experience, he has excelled in all levels of the real estate industry including top-producing mega team leader, broker-manager, owner-broker, and business coach.  David has a natural ability and passion for coaching, training, mentoring & business development and has consistently guided people to the breakthrough moment in their careers.  This has allowed him to grow his Las Vegas sales team for so many successful years as well as training, coaching & consulting others to success. If you can’t reach David at any given time, he’s probably spending it with his two daughters (Abby and Madelynn) and his Fiancé Tiffany.

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